Elderly Scooters

Elderly scooters, also known as mobility scooters, are a great way for older and disabled people to keep an active lifestyle.  No longer will grandma or grandpa be confined to the indoors.  Instead, they’ll be zipping around town, exploring the neighborhood in their own personal scooter!  How many times have you or your loved one complained that they’re too tired to go out, that they just don’t have the energy?  Well not anymore.  Unlike wheelchairs, a scooter won’t tire your arms out, so you can do and see more without getting exhausted.

Where are some places you can you take your elderly scooter?  Here are some ideas:

  • The zoo.  Zoos have wide, open spaces perfect for riding scooters.  And because your scooter is so quiet you won’t even scare the animals!
  • Go shopping.  Most scooters have storage compartments, so you aren’t weighed down with shopping bags or pushing a heavy cart.
  • A simple ride around the neighborhood.  Chat with the neighbors, visit the park – sometimes the best pleasures in life are closer than you think.
  • …just about anywhere!  The possibilities are endless.

When choosing an elderly scooter, you have several different options and features to choose from.

  • A small red elderly scooter

    Storage space such as baskets and compartments.

  • Battery power.  A larger battery means you can go longer without having to re-charge, but it also increases the price tag.
  • Variable speeds.  It’s important to have multiple speeds because the speed you travel through a parking lot, for example, is probably going to be different than when you’re indoors.
  • Swivel seat.  A rotate-able seat is a great option if you want more freedom to move while riding your scooter.  Instead of turning your neck or back, you simply rotate in your seat.  It’s that easy!
  • Driving controls.  Do you want forward/reverse controlled by a switch or a lever?
  • Front-wheel drive vs rear-wheel drive.  Front-wheel driven scooters are generally smaller, and best suited for indoor use.  They are limited to 250 lbs usually.  Rear-wheel driven scooters are larger and more powerful, able to accommodate up to 500 lbs.

Be sure to shop around and check out all the different models available.  Happy scooting!

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